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IV Treatment

What is Nutritional IV therapy?

Our bodies are under constant stress from environmental factors, nutrient-poor foods & over-scheduled calendars which can cause inflammation & oxidative stress.  This burden decreases the body’s ability to properly absorb essential vitamins & minerals.

IV therapy bypasses the digestive system & goes directly into the blood stream allowing for faster delivery & better absorption than oral or topical formulas.

What is in a Myer’s Cocktail?

The Myer’s Cocktail is the most well-known & popular IV vitamin therapy.  Myer’s Cocktail was developed by John Myers MD, a physician with John Hopkins Hospital.  He was a pioneer at using IV vitamins to treat the cause of a sickness rather than treating the illness itself.

Myer’s Cocktails are a combination of several ingredients with the most common being:
   · Magnesium chloride
   · Calcium gluconate
   · B complex
   · Vitamin C
   · Sterile Water

Are there any side effects?

Side effects depend largely on the patient & the formula being administered.  There can be some discomfort at the infusion site, feeling warm or flushed, magnesium can lower blood pressure which can cause hypotension, & is often not tolerated well by elderly patients.

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